State of In-housing 2021: Launch Webinar

How marketing teams are evolving in 2021


This 45-minute webinar focuses on the impact the pandemic has had on in-house marketing, its continued growth, and how technology has played a key role in success.

Antonia Lindmark, Head of Insight at Bannerflow and James O'Brien, Head of Production at Digiday will give you insight exclusively one day before the report launch.

Attend and learn:

  • The pandemic’s effect on in-house marketing

  • Preferred in-house and agency models

  • How technology is impacting the use of data 

  • Why in-house creativity and ROI go hand-in hand

  • Plus, much more...


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About the report

We surveyed over 200 European brands and identified various in-house models and their effect on creativity, measurement and data.

Alongside our research we have expert interviews with well-known brands, all of whom have been through the in-housing process and provide readers with advice and a clear path to success.

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Thursday, January 28 at 3 PM CET